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Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the Rain — 601words ;; Daehyun/Youngjae ;; NC-16
Youngjae is always there for Daehyun, no matter shine or rain.
A/N: daejae drabble for the lovely Kat♥(whose lj idk ;3;), unbeta-ed, prolly filled with mistakes of all sorts. inspired by BAP's Dancing in the Rain. I have no creativity.

her silhouette diminished with every step she took, his vision blurring as hot tears flow out. his legs gave way and he fell to the floor. his left knuckles turned as red as the bouquet of fresh roses gripped tightly in his right as crimson blood flowed out.

it took him three hours of crying on youngjae’s shoulders before he agreed to go to the nearby club with him.

it took god knows how many cups of alcohol to make him lightheaded, and the horrible feelings of the break up gone.

daehyun stumbled past people, his fingers trailing against the rough walls, trying to stabilise himself. his head felt light, and the world is slanted to him, and as if on cue, the world flopped upside down as he exited the club. he just continued to lay there on the concrete floor and stared at the stars in the sky. his limbs were too exhausted from the dancing, and the alcohol in his blood stream was not helping a single bit.

“hey there sexy baby,” a blonde appeared from the side, plopping down next to him. “nice night sky eh?”

his cheeks were tinted red like his own, daehyun thinks it is because there is also alcohol present in his blood stream. but he was not as tipsy as him, he must have a good alcohol tolerance. daehyun thinks that he is thinking too much that his head hurts. but daehyun cannot stop thinking how good youngjae look from the side.

minutes had passed as they continued laying on the floor. clouds started to cover the sky with a slight red glow, as daehyun felt raindrops on his face.

“come on,” youngjae said, “let’s dance in the rain, and let ourselves loose tonight.” youngjae was already up on his feet, hands shoved in front of daehyun’s face, ready to pull him up.

the music from the club continued to boom loudly from the entrance, the rain started to pour harder, the alcohol pumping in their blood, their heart beat rises as they moved along to the beat. they did not give a single care to how the others were staring at them, all they bothered were how they were enjoying themselves.

all daehyun sees is a wet youngjae, moist hair clinging on his head, his white dress shirt, now wet, is almost transparent. the way youngjae looks at him with his black orbs gave him goosebumps, the way how youngjae’s cherry red lips curled up at the corner, gave him fluttery feelings in his stomach. he liked all of this. because as they are just dancing on the floor, daehyun kept falling for the other. and now they are dancing in the rain, he just want youngjae.

“you’re very sexy, baby.” youngjae whispers in his ear as he grinds himself on daehyun, fingers playing with his wet hair. “i know you want me too, as always, i’m ready.”


sunlight filtered in through the blinds, shining upon daehyun’s face. he woke up to find themselves on daehyun’s bed in their shared apartment the next morning. clothes strewn all over the floor, and it takes daehyun a minute to realise they are naked. (or more like a breeze across his...) youngjae’s sleeping figure was like an angel, daehyun just could not stop himself from smiling as youngjae mumbled something in his sleep. he moved closer to youngjae, and gave him a small peck on his lips before crawling out of bed.

“good morning sexy,” was what youngjae heard as he walked out to the living room to see his breakfast all prepared out.

Tags: !fanfic, #f: bap, p: daehyun/youngjae
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